Patches/Badges (With hook and loop fastener back or Sew on)

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PVC tactical patch with hook and loop fastener back
Morale Patch

Game Over - 55mm x 65mm
Breakfast Of Champions - 60mm x 60mm
Ace Of Spades - 55mm x 85mm
Pistol - 80mm x 55mm
Torpedo - 55mm x 40mm
One Size Kills All - 75mm x 55mm
God Will Judge - 60mm
Security - 90mm x 35mm
Keep Calm - 50mm x 75mm
Sniper - 50mm x 75mm
Black Ops - 75mm x 50mm
If I Tell You - 85mm x 70mm
Zombie Outbreak - 60mm
SAS Shield - 52mm x 75mm
One Shot, One Kill - 75mm
F**k It - 40mm x 44mm
Guns & Bacon - 60mm
Paintballers Need Heroes - 74mm x 50mm
Laser Cut Keep Calm Soldier On - 85mm x 50mm
Eat My BB's - 75mm x 45mm
Kombat Grenade - 50mm x 55mm
Keep Calm - 50mm x 75mm
Go Black - 75mm x 50mm
Zombie Apocalypse - 50mm x 73mm
New Zealand Flag - 65mm x 50mm
New Zealand Flag with New Zealand - 70mm x 50mm

New Zealand Kiwi 
Viper Tactical - 760mm x 90mm
Risk of Death - 650mm x 550mm
Viper Tactical - Snake Head - 40mm x 40mm
Viper Tactical - Snake Head (UK) - 200mm x 200mm
Modify - Dominate the Field - 60mm x 750mm
Modify - Team 1 - 40mm x 40mm
Modify Logo - 40mm x 40mm
Modify - Special Forces - 30mm x 40mm

Shit Got Real