Modify Airsoft Shims Set For Gearbox

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Modify Airsoft Shims Set For Gearbox 

Small outer diameter is best used with ball bearings


0.1mm x 10 pieces
0.15mm x 10 pieces

20 pieces in total

Small outer diameter and available in 2 gauges to minimise friction between ball bearings to increase durability.

Precisely shimming the gearbox minimises up-and-down play of gears to reduce noise and enhance smooth operation, as well as inter-gear efficiency to reduce load.

  1. To adjust the gap between the gears and gearbox housing.
  2. To adjust the gap or height between the 3 gears (sector gear, spur gear and bevel gear) to minimise friction against the gearbox.

Gears must not be shimmed too tightly to avoid over-stressing the motor resulting in damage.


Why Shim the Gearbox?

  1. To prevent gears from rubbing any other part of the gearbox, where contact should only occur between the gear shafts and the ball bearings, the cogs of the gears, the sector gear and the piston, the cam of the sector gear and the cut-off lever; the sector gear and the tappet plate.
  2. To reduce friction between gears and ball bearings. To reduce friction between gear wheel sides and gearbox, high quality AEG shims of suitable gauge must be used to enable adjustment of the gear gap for minimal friction.
  3. To adjust gears to achieve maximised direct contact against cogs of another gear so as to realise optimal torque transfer between gear and piston as well as cam of tappet plate and cut-off lever.