Fire Maple - FMS X3 Star {Heat Exchanger Cooking System}

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Fire Maple FMS X3 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System (like a jetboil)

Fixed Star X3 cooking system is advanced and fast outdoor cooking system that boils 800mls of water in 2.36 minutes! The cooker has a heat exchange on the bottom of pot, which enhances the heat efficiency around 30%, the pot comes with a heat protection cover which prevents heat from getting out.

- Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Silicone.
- Open: 254×246mm
- Folded: 133×185mm
- Power: 158g/h / 2.2kW
- Load bearing: 5kg
- Weight: 600g
- Boils 0.80L in 2.36 minutes

Photo 3 shows all of the items you get with this cooking system, But it doesn’t mean that it is how the system can be transported, And for safety the gas canister should always be stored separately.