Hunt Smart


Hunting can be very demanding on the human body with a high amount of energy output and very little vital nutrients going back into the body. Hunting can deplete essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids that the human body can not naturally replenish, This may lead to fatigue, exhaustion and dehydration

Hunt Smart is designed for hunters to improve nutrient uptake, performance, hydration, endurance and recovery. Hunt smart can help replenish essential vitaminsand amino acids to help you maintain stamina, recover faster and rehydrate quicker.

Branch chain amino acids aid in muscle recovey and help fight muscle fatigue. These amino acids can be depleted quickly during long hunts and can’t be naturally replenished by the human body.

Each vitamin within the B complex is unique and performs a specific purpose to improve your body functions during prolonged hikes. The vitamin B complex plays an important role in energy production. Without these vitamins we can' not extract energy from food. They also provide a natural enery boost to help maintain stamina for longer.

It is extremely important to retain hydration levels while Hunting. Performance and endurance capacity is impaired when an individual is dehydrated.

Dextrose which is a carbohydrate that can be efficiently utilised by the body for energy which is converted by the body into Glycogenis one of the bodies primary sources of energy. Depletion of muscle glycogen is strongly associated with a degree of fatigue during endurance exercise, such as prolonged hunting..

L-arginine can help to help decreases lactic acid and ammonia buildup in the muscles, which play a part in muscle fatigue and soreness.