Tee Dee - Backpack EZ-Sluice

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For light weight gold recovery nothing beats the Tee Dee EZ-Sluice.

At a length of 610 mm (770 mm with flare), height of 63 mm and a width of 178 mm the EZ-Sluice will fit in most packs and weighs less than 900 grams (just over one kilo incl. flare)! Flare is 314mm wide.

The box and now even the flare are molded of polypropylene plastic with 2 sets of ABS riffles over Nomad matting (miner’s moss, colour may vary). Most of the exposed surface area of the box is ribbed for further gold catching. Riffles snap in and out for easy clean up.

With the new flare design your first gold will get trapped in the first integrated ribs of the flare.