Basha and Bivy Bags

Bivy bags are single-person, minimalist shelters that offer an additional layer of protection against the environment for you and your sleeping bag—think cowboy camping with a full-body shell.

Just larger than your sleeping bag and mattress, bivies are typically constructed of waterproof or water-resistant materials to shield against wind and precipitation.


Bashas are used by the military, particularly the British Army, the Australian Army (colloquially known as a "hooch", "hoochie" or "hutchie"), the New Zealand Army and the Singapore Armed Forces as a shelter while in the field or on operations. They are lightweight and can be put up rapidly, and camouflaged simply with foliage specific to the area of operation. Their low profile gives them a small silhouette, and many are also infra-red reflective, which makes them, and their occupants, less visible to infrared detection equipment. Normally bashas are erected in woods, as the trees both serve to give visual cover and support the basha through bungee cords or rope. Because they are nearly invisible if well camouflaged, they are ideal for forming covert observation posts.

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