Stealth - Cobra YJS-7 Multifunctional Compound Crossbow (55LBS)

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With this crossbow, you can shoot either crossbow bolts or steel balls (8 mm) at a distance of 20 to 25 m. The arrows as well as the balls have a good penetrating power. The impact of an 8 mm bullet on a target is more than twice as strong as that of a much lighter 6 mm bullet from other crossbow models. The steel string is very durable and requires far less care than plastic strings. Because of the roller system, a sporty woman or teenager can also use this crossbow. The crossbow also convinces with its weight-saving shaft and handle made of plastic composite. The crossbow is very good in the hand. The integrated foot bar facilitates the clamping process. Fold down the footrest for the clamping process. Aiming facilitates the simple sighting, which is height and side adjustable. The crossbow also has an arrow retaining spring and a manual securing. Crossbows can be legally purchased without a firearms license.

Technical data:
Crossbow Model Cobra YJS-7
Draw weight: 55 lbs / approx. 23 kg
Combound Crossbow
Weight: 2.4 kg
Breath: 57 cm
Length: 67 cm
Colour: black
Shooting distance: 130 to 150 m
Material: Steel barrel with handle and shaft made of plastic frame
Arrow speed of up to 180 fps.
Footrest for the clamping process
Height and side adjustable visor
Arrow retaining spring and a manual securing
20x 8 mm steel balls and 3x yellow arrow bolts are included in delivery.

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