Rovin - Portable Dual Zone Fridge and Freezer {55L} (Solar)

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55L Rovin Portable Dual Zone Fridge and Freezer with Solar Charger Board plus Handles + Wheels and Support Removable Battery

This is not just another compact but mighty fridge by Rovin, it’s a better way to go camping with heaps of space to keep your food and drinks chilled for your next adventure. Boasting a massive 55litres of internal cooler space, Its wheelbarrow style handles and wheels allow for easy navigation on the beach or campsite, the fridge can provide temperatures down to -20°C. Supplied with a DC power lead. Pair it with your smartphone and have complete control of your temperature while it's strapped down in your boot. Other features include digital temperature controls, a reliable compressor, and the sturdy hard plastic shell that will keep it in shape even on the bumpiest of rides, an internal battery to keep your fridge going between campsites, and solar connectivity to keep your battery topped up when the suns shining, via the solar blanket sold separately. 

• 55L
• High efficiency
• Smartphone app control
• 12/24VDC power
• 240V mains adaptor included
• Battery protection
• Solar charging - - sold separately
• Battery backup - sold separately
• 2-year warranty

Heavyweight item, Extra shipping charge may apply - Please enquire.