Ridgeline - 5 Pocket Gumtree Bumbag

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Ample storage room for the hunt

Styled like the Ridgeline Rugged Rata, the Ridgeline 5 Pocket Gumtree Bum bag also features five zippered pockets to keep your hunting accessories organised and close at hand. This bumbag holds almost as much as a day pack, but is much easier to organise and access. Crafted of durable polyester fabric with Buffalo camo pattern to ensure silence and reliability. So if a sling bag or a backpack is too inconvenient to carry, then this bumbag is perfect for you.

Ridgeline 5 Pocket Gumtree Bumbag Features:

  • 5 pocket gumbag
  • Durable zippers
  • Material: Polyester fabric