Pork Crackle/Scratchings

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Sniks Pork Crackle:
NZs own pork crackle
Made with 100% NZ pork.
Sniks is made right here in NZ in Cambridge, Waikato.

Mr. Porky:
Our Hand Cooked scratchings are made in small batches using only the best rind of the pig and dusted with a generous helping of our signature salty seasoning, possibly the best scratching yet
Made in UK

Mr. Ham Freys:
Pork Rind, Rice Bran Oil, Himalayan Salt, Dextrose, Tapioca Starch
Made in Australia from Pork Rinds from the USA.

The unbeatable quality & taste of Nobby's snacks has been loved for over 70 years.
This premium pork rind is fried in sunflower oil and seasoned
with spices.
Low in carbs and high in protein, it's a mouth-watering snack.
Made in Australia.