Modify - TokyoMarui A.E.G. Irregular-Pitch Spring - S 140+

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  • It is finely manufactured from A class piano wire
  • Very durable and strong
  • Irregular pitch coiling for enhanced performance
  • Very Consistent FPS
  • Easy to install
  • Every spring has gone through vigorous and Sophisticated quality tests from the moment a new design leaves the software drawing through to final mass production


AEG Irregular-Pitch Coil Spring for Tokyo Marui (S140+)

Modify Airsoft AEGs coil spring with irregular-pitch for the Tokyo Marui is designed for enhanced performance. Precision manufactured of the high-grade piano with high durability and strength, the Airsoft AEGs Spring is easy to install to offer airsoft players who demand very consistent FPS.

Modify AEG Spring (S140+) / Velocity (fps) / Test Report...view more

Modify ave. Velocity (fps)
(springs tested were in brand new condition)
ave. Velocity (fps)
(springs tested after shooting 30000 pcs of BBs)
S100+ 369.49 369.00
S110+ 410.82 405.90
S120+ 444.41 443.75
S130+ 469.86 466.74
S140+ 518.52 511.13
S150+ 542.09 540.21