Modify Predator Hop up bucking for MOD24 / SSG24 70 DEG.

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  • For MOD24 / SSG24
  • V-channel Design
  • Special Airtight Design
  • Superior Tear Resistance
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Easily handles BBs 0.3g or above
  • Excellent Temperature Properties
  • Suggest using standard MOD24 plastic Hop arm

    The Predator is made of 1st Class aircraft silicone material to be especially tough, resistant to wear, and extreme temperatures, which reduce deterioration of the bucking. Even when using GBB, the Predator keeps the hop-up working in temperature as low as -60°C.  

  • How it works

    Predator's design is inspired by the R-hop that maximizes contact with BBs when the bucking is depressed. Coupled with perfect airtightness in the barrel, the increased friction enhances backspin on fired BBs to improve accuracy and shooting range. 


    Shaped like a fighter jet, Predator points to the muzzle in a V-shape with a central bullet-channel that deepens, widens from back to front. BBs enter the V where it is deep but wide then narrow but shallow. Finally, BBs are guided along the bullet-channel to the small end of the V where they are positioned and back-spun to achieve accuracy. 

    Pressing down on the bucking spreads the BB entry channel to increase contact and friction. The V opening has “wings” on either side to connect to the inner barrel opening to position BBs with maximum contact, also preventing the rear section of the depressor from deforming.