Modify - MPI 22T Torque Motor - Long Shaft (Neodymium Magnets)

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  • Neodymium magnets design ensures consistency, high performance
  • Minimum Power Intake design extends durability
  • Torque type motor designed for high tension spring
  • Steel motor pinion gear
  • Q1: What does MPI stand for ?

    MPI stands for minimum power intake.

    Q2: What does 22T means ?

    22T stands for 22 coil turns.

    Q3: On the packaging it says Min. Power Intake - how does this extended the life of the motor ?

    You might like to know that the neodymium magnets is ferromagnetic material. It means that it is high torque motor. And it is more effective to drive gear, piston and spring. So that it could save power and it won’t get hot easily.