Modify Hybrid 6.03mm Precision Inner Barrel 229 mm for MP5

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  • 1st Class Stainless Steel + Aircraft Aluminum Alloy.
  • Extremely Straight with High Rigidity and Accuracy Guided by an O-Ring to reduce barrel vibration.
  • Comes with a Modify 2-Ring+ Hop-Up Bucking, Airtight up.

    Modify's Hybrid 6.03x229mm Precision Inner Barrel for MP5

    The Modify Hybrid Precision Inner Barrel is 229mm long with inner diameter of 6.03mm, suitable for MP5. Made of high-grade stainless steel and aircraft aluminum alloy, the Airsoft Inner Barrel is extremely straight with high rigidity, which enable AEGs achieve greater range and improved overall performance. Its O-Ring design reduces barrel vibration to improve accuracy.

    For optimal performance, always clean the airsoft inner barrel regularly.