Modify - AOE Cylinder Head & Piston ( w/ 10 Metal Teeth) for Ver.2 Gearbox

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AOE Cylinder Head & Piston w/ 10 Metal Teeth



The Modify-Tech. Incredible AOE cylinder head was designed to increase piston durability by correcting the angle of engagement (AOE).


What is AoE?
AoE stands for Angle of Engagement: Saying how the sector gear hits the piston.

Why Should You Correct AoE?
By correcting it, you can make your piston last much longer than it normally would.

Nearly no gun comes with correct AoE...   How to Correct AoE?

  • Using Pador Washers: Change it often to avoidthe pad degrade.
  • On Piston Head: Result in heavier to the piston for working.
  • On Cylinder head: Should use the correct materials and try thickness.
  • Remove the piston teeth: Should remove thecomplete 2nd tooth.

  Shown after 6,000 shots. 

The AOE Piston lasts significantly longer when mated with the AOE Cylinder Head (Hulk green), helping to make your AEG much  more reliable.

The AOE Cylinder Head &  Piston work  independently  and together to form a functioning Angle of Engagement.