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Modify Aluminium Cylinder Head for TM Series Ver.2 (M16/M4/MP5/G3)

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Modify Aluminium Cylinder Head for TM Series Ver.2 (M16/M4/MP5/G3)

- Aluminium alloy construction w/plating (Golden).
- It's ultra light and durable.
- Redesigned the port of nozzle - making it like a bell to allow a further better performance.
- Compatible with Classic Army, Tokyo Marui.

With aircraft aluminum alloy construction, double O-rings and concaved air intake, our top-end cylinder head is light, impact-resistant, airtight, with smooth airflow. Coupled with compressed gas cylinder, it precisley controls air dynamics of AEGs to reduce turbulence to maximize muzzle velocity.

- Double O-ring design for 100% airtightness.
- Aircraft aluminum alloy construction for lightness and rigidity.
- Air intake of concave design for smooth airflow and reduced turbulence.
- Central port is smooth for maximum air output.