Modify - Accurate Metal Hop Up Chamber for M16/M4 Series

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Modify Accurate Metal Hop Up Chamber

    • Designed for M16/M4 series AEGs.
    • 2 types hop up arm
    • Accurate adjustment; gear design for precision adjustment

      Modify's Metallic, Hi-Efficiency Hop-Up Chamber for M16/M4


      Hop-up chamber and bucking mainly provide backspin to BBs as they exit barrel to increase flight duration and therefore range, whose proper adjustment can enhance trajectory.

      Modify's Metallic, Hi-efficiency Hop-up Chamber is designed for M16/M4 AEGs. The newly designed hop up arm are now gear driven with precision rapid, accurate adjustment without slipping. The adjustment knob has O-ring to assure tightness to enhance stability, air-tightness of the hop-up, also raising efficiency of loading. The pressure point being the rigid type for speed, stability and accuracy. 

      This hop-up chamber comes with the standard hop up arm and also a bonus  one with a raised hop up arm to offer great value for money.

      Accurate Metal Hop Up Chamber for M16/M4 Series Features

      1. hop up arm are interchangeable between raised pressure point type to the stock. Gives you two hop up arm for the price of one.
      2. Redesigned hop up arm by adding an adjustment gear making accurate adjustment easier.
      3. Adjustment button with O-ring to assure tightness.
      4. We hardened the pressure point making the hopper more accurate and stable faster pressurization