McMurdo FastFind PLB - Personal Locator Beacon

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Future proof – the first PLB in the world to operate on both GPS & the new Galileo satellite network

Subscription free – No on going charges

McMurdo – Designer and installer of the entire New Zealand MEOSAR satellite infra-structure

A Personal Location Beacon (PLB) is a personal safety device designed to alert search and rescue services and allow them to quickly locate you in the event of an emergency, on land or sea. When activated it transmits a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency which is monitored by the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system. The alert is then relayed via an earth station to the nearest Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC). As the satellites are in a polar orbit they offer true global coverage – with a PLB you can summon help wherever you are on the planet, no matter how remote.