Mainlander - Explorer Thigh Waders

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Stay dry and mobile with the Mainlander Explorer thigh waders! if you are wading in water no more up to your hips, thigh waders are a great alternative to chest waders in that they are more comfortable, you get more mobility, and they are faster to get into and out of. These thigh waders that reach up to the hip area are designed in New Zealand for the fisherman, duck hunter, boater or dairy farmer who is looking for more stability and comfort around low water environments in order to complete the task at hand, ultimately keeping you dry and warm.  

• 100% Hand laid natural rubber - rubber is an excellent barrier to water and is flexible enough to walk comfortably in
• Anti-slip heavy duty sole - to keep you more stable in mud or sand
• Steel shanks - for increased rigidity 
• Length adjustable thigh and belt strap loops - for a more comfortable and secure fit
• Brown colour - blends in well with mud and the water
• Reinforced knees 
• Soft polyester linings

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