Land & Sea - Dive Knife

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Extremely sharp 11 cm dagger style blade which has been designed for deep penetration through bone and flesh. It also has a serrated section on the back of the blade which makes it ideal for use when laying out your next burley trail. It's great for spearfishing, fishing, free diving and scuba diving.

The Land & Sea - Dive Knife also has a red moulded rubber handle to give the knife a secure sure grip when cutting or stabbing. The red handle is great if you accidentally drop the knife as it can be easily seen on the seafloor. This durable knife is a great option for the beginner and it's also ideal for the budget-minded.

The Land & Sea - Dive Knife comes with a locking sheath and two heavy-duty rubber leg straps.


  • 11 cm Dagger Blade
  • Plus Serrated Edge
  • Marine Grade 420 Solid Stainless Steel
  • Hi-Vis Red Handle
  • Locking Sheath
  • Two Heavy Duty Leg Straps
  • 12 Month Warranty

After Dive Care

  • Wash knife and sheath in fresh water
  • Wipe dry
  • Lighty oil or grease blade
  • Store in dry location