Grangers - Activewear Wash 750ml

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Removes dirt and odours. Reduces kit drying times. Maximises wicking performance. Effective at low wash temperatures.

Active Wash is a high-performance wash-in cleaner designed to remove dirt, sweat, and odours from all sportswear.

Regular laundry detergents can remove visible dirt from your kit, they’re unable to care for the technical fibres that make up your gear.

Rather than removing performance-impairing impurities such as dirt, sweat, and natural oils, regular detergents mask them with perfumes and optical brighteners. The result is sportswear that isn’t truly clean. Active Wash has been formulated to thoroughly clean and restore all sports kit. Active Wash provides a boost to your garment’s performance features, including their ability to wick away moisture. It works at low wash temperatures and improves drying times. It is suitable for use on all garments made from merino, lyrca, polyester, and cotton.