Gear Aid - Odor Eliminator

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Deodorize wetsuits, tents, garments, footwear and sports equipment. Water activated
microbes remove odor caused by mold, mildew, sweat, and bacteria. A 296ml pouch treats 20 wetsuits.

  • Powerful – Effectively washes away odor causing bacteria from mildew, mold, pets and perspiration
  • Gentle – Formula features water-activated microbes to help remove odor without damaging gear
  • Concentrated – Mix half an ounce with 20 gallons of water and treat multiple garments at once; available in two sizes: 59ml and 296ml
  • HE Compatible – Designed for all types of washing machines; use as a spray or soak to treat hard to wash items like wetsuits and tents
  • Multipurpose – Use on outerwear, athletic clothes, cycling gear, boots, sandals, rugs and pet items