Fire Maple - Cooker 116 {Mini Pocket Gas Cooker}

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 Firemaple Mini Cooker  116 70grams

The large support makes it more stable and lighter, burner top and gas tube

The cookware is more stable when cooking, as the support legs have 
with tooth design.

Model: FMS-116
Material: Aluminium, Cooper
Colour: Silver
Folding Size: 64 x 67.2mm (2.52 x 2.65in)
Open Size: 108 x 68.5mm (4.25 x 2.7in)
Power: 2820W (9622BTU/hr)
Supported Weight: 2.6kg / 5.73lb

Max Combustion Time: 110g Gas / 35mins; 230g Gas / 74mins; 450g Gas / 145mins