Fire Maple - Polaris {Pocket Gas Cooker}

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Fire Maple Polaris Pressure Regulator Hiking Gas Stove

Perfect for any expedition and trekking adventure with its high quality & ultra lightweight design

One of Fire Maple's most technologically advanced backpacking stoves - perfect for cooking in cold, windy, and high elevation conditions. In these challenging cold conditions, the integrated pressure regulator maintains a strong even burner flame despite lower pressure from the gas canister.

• Smaller & lighter pressure regulator valve
• Ultralight & compact
• Wind resistant
• Outstanding performance in cold weather
• Works with most butane/propane mixed fuel canisters

Colour: Silver | Black
Material: Aluminum | Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 114 x 94mm (Open) | 49 x 82 mm (Packed)
Power: 8530 BTU/h
Weight: 76g

For Outdoor Use Only

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

This hiking stove has exceptional performance in cold weather making it perfect for any expedition in winter.