Fire Maple -fms 706

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A high-power gas cutter for fire in a fire, barbecue or barbecue.

The TORCH FMS-706 torch has a preheating system. This is the perfect tool for:
- ignition of coal for barbecue and shish kebabs in 3 seconds;
- Breeding a fire from improvised wood at ANY TIME of the year, regardless of the state of the wood (suitable for dry, damp, wet or thoroughly frozen wood);
- processing open fire when cooking dishes and singing out carcasses or game;
- minor repairs on metal or on the farm as a whole.

All this at any time of the year and practically at all temperatures is feasible precisely due to the fuel preheating system.

 This product is for outdoor use only, please do not use it indoors, in a tent or transport, as the flame power of this torch can be life threatening. Even when used outdoors, make sure that you use the appliance in an open space and there is enough fresh air around you.Keep out of the reach of children!

The flame is very intense, the temperature in the centre of the flame can reach 1300 ° C. The base of the cutter is made in bright orange colour Fire-Maple. A large fire tube is very convenient to use. Laconic design and excellent characteristics. The gas cutter FMS-706 TORCH is equipped with a nipple, a special system for preventing fuel loss during repeated connection and detachment of the replaceable cartridge. This allows for several times to reduce the consumption of vital fuel in the journey.

 This model is excellent for use with threaded replaceable cartridges of any type. It is possible to connect to the collet with the FMS-701 adapter.

 A simple, unpretentious gas cutter FMS-706 TORCH is particularly strong and comfortable. It can also be used for repair work.

 Dimensions: 190x110x30 mm

Weight: 159 g

Power: 4400 W

The fuel consumption with the use of the brand-name replacement cartridges Fire-Maple FMS-G series with the maximum burning mode is: Replacement cartridge FMS-G3 110 g ~ 28 minutes, replaceable cartridge FMS-G2 230 g ~ 60 minutes and replaceable cartridge FMS-G5 450 g ~ 120 minutes.

Important! Before each connection of the replaceable gas cartridge to the burner, always check the connection unit (screwing) as a gas cartridge - for debris and foreign objects, and burners - for availability
and the working condition of the sealing ring, the absence of debris and foreign objects. If any defects in these nodes are detected, discontinue further operation and transfer the cartridge or burner to the service or to the place of purchase. Do not try to eliminate defects yourself! When detecting debris - remove it. Carefully inspect the area that has been cleaned of dirt and make sure that there is no debris, connect the cartridge to the burner. If the valve does not reach the gas before and during ignition of the burner plate, close the valve, disconnect the cartridge and stop further operation. The clogged burner should be passed on to the service or to specialists to eliminate clogging. Try to avoid getting debris into these sites. This will avoid clogging and damage to the O-rings.