Explorey - The Jailor "L" / 4WD {12MM x 500mm} 22,800Kg Soft-Shackle

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Explorey 4x4 Soft-Shackles offer an ultra-safe way of making connections for all your 4WD off-road, marine, agriculture and other needs. Specifically designed for a safe kinetic rope recovery by removing heavy metal parts like steel shackles which can lead to vehicle damage and sometimes fatalities. They are safe to use as tow rope connectors and replace all bow shackles and carabiners. The Explorey soft-shackles is a required upgrade for competition winch trucks that are banned from having loose metal flying around the cabin injuring the competitors. They are light, safe, don’t rust, float in water and are superior in almost every way when compared to steel. All our soft-shackles are made from our proprietary UHMWPE anti-fuzz rope which will outlast and outperform competitors. 

We’ve developed two styles of 4WD soft-shackles. The Sailor and The Jailer. These formidable shackles both feature our proprietary UHMWPE Anti-Fuzz rope with our Snake-Glaze coating.

The Sailor shackles have a polyester woven rope protector with an oversized diamond knot to provide the perfect no-slip connection. The protector allows you to use these shackles on uneven and sharper attachment points, reducing wear and tear. These ropes are traditionally spliced to save on weight and costs while still retaining an impressive breaking strength. The sailor shackle is for the care-free soldier who wants the most life out of his product.

The Jailer shackles are a modified version of the Sailer for the more advanced soldier. We’ve removed both the splice (giving a high breaking strength) and the rope protector (so you’ll need to pay more attention to where you attach this shackle). This allowed us to get a higher breaking strength by providing two stately lines while applying even pressure throughout the tension. The Jailer is around 30% stronger than the Sailor by rope diameter and features the same oversized diamond knot for a no-slip connection.

  • Improved Explorey UHMWPE rope
  • Anti-fuzz rope with Snake-Glaze coating
  • The safest way of connecting any rope, snatch strap, winch-line, chain etc