Explorey - Tanka V2 - 8,600KG Kinetic Recovery Rope {19mm x 9m}

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The Explorey TANKA Snatch recovery ropes - built for the most serious of 4WD recoveries. We designed these ropes with the help from military soldiers to get their army trucks out of the deepest swamps. The Tanka is a 3-strand no-frills 100% nylon rope. Delivering an impressive maximum elongation of 37% while expanding a consistent and even stretch through the entire range. This polymer Nylon-66 rope is not only waterproof and UV resistant but will hold up in extreme temperatures. We have made this rope with a loose protective loop guard and deliberately no other coverings, dipped polymer or casings on purpose to improve kinetic power, as any protective covering reduces performance. It will resist most abrasion but not as well as The Explorey Tanka V2 model. Give your vehicle recovery points a break and let the Tanka take the stress for you.

The Tanka rope is also the perfect expert kinetic towing rope. Providing an effortless tow with no jolting or jerking at the ideal 6-metre tow length. This is a safe road tow when used properly with correct rated tow points and Explorey Soft-Shackles. Keep the rope consistently loaded, let the towed vehicle be the brakes and go for gold. 

- Ideal for large 4x4s, trucks, UTVs, ATVs, commercial use and vehicle towing
- Water, UV, heat, electrical and abrasion resistance
- High breaking strength
- Made to military standards
- Will last a lifetime when properly cared for
- A safe low-stress recovery rope when used properly
- Proprietary improved Nylon-66 material outperforming similar products