Explorey - Tanka Bridle (Equalizer Rope with Looped ends) {12mm x 3m}

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The Explorey Bridle Ropes / Straps (Equaliser Ropes) are foundational ropes used to equalise recovery point and chassis stress instead of single-point loading in recovery and towing situations. This will spread the load 50/50 avoiding bent steel, bend hooks and in the worst case snapped/torn points which can be extremely dangerous. With this rope, you can easily run two contact points for any recovery or tow to remove stress on the vehicle, such as on both sides of a bull bar.  


  • Looped ends with protective sheaths for use with soft-shackles, steel shackles or any connection type
  • Extremely light and reliable
  • 1m centre protective sleeve to provide a chafe-free attachment in the middle of the rope
  • Oversized 150mm diameter loops for all sizes of attachments
  • Extra-long splices to ensure the loops will never slip
  • The absolute safest way of connecting a rope to a vehicle
  • Explorey logo on loops

4WD uses for Equaliser Ropes:

  • Used to "Equalise" your recovery i.e attached to both points of the bullbar (or recovery points) instead of point loading the middle or a single recovery point
  • Equaliser rope for towing - attach your rope to this correct setup equaliser rope
  • Small extension rope
  • Can be used as a winch rope loop to avoid winch rope chaffing

All our ropes are designed in New Zealand and handmade to assure premium quality and reliability.


Rated Over 13.5T
Length 3metres
Thickness 12mm
Rope Explorey Innovated UHMWPE
Warranty 24 Months


Termination over 13,500kg.