Explorey - Jailer Extension Rope with Soft Shackles 10,500Kg {10mm x 5m}

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The Explorey "JAILER ROPE" 10mm extension rope is our original and innovative take on what extension ropes should be. We took our proprietary pre-stretched UHMWPE based line, coated it in our Belgium made anti-fuss/anti-abrasion armour and added some neat features such as our own uniquely designed Jailer model Soft-Shackled ends. These are the safest recovery extension ropes available and the only static ropes that are completely safe to use in kinetic recovery situations.


  • Explorey designed Jailer Soft-Shackle attachment on both ends
  • 3m black line end markers
  • Multi-coloured ropes to help with functionality
  • Snatch/kinetic recovery safe
  • No steel = No danger. Only light and soft rope is used in these ropes
  • The safest recovery extension ropes on the market

The soft-shackle ends will work as a safe connection to any rope loop, steel shackle, bullbar, rated recovery point, winch timble/hook or generally any standard connection. These soft-shackle ends are made to eliminate the need for additional connectors.

4WD uses for extension ropes:

  • Winch line extension - Allowing you to run a shorter line or reach those far trees
  • Emergency rope backup - When you snapped a rope
  • Rated snatch rope extension
  • Equaliser Strap
  • Emergency tow rope

Other uses:

  • Rated for lifting and rigging
  • Boat line, moorings & beached recovery
  • Arboriculture and tree falling
  • Industrial uses of all types
Rated Over 10.5T
Rope Explorey Innovated UHMWPE
Warranty 24 Months