Explorey - Extension Loop Rope 19,050Kg (14mm x 10m

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The Explorey Extension Loop rope is our original extension rope. We took our proprietary pre-stretched UHMWPE based line, coated it in our Belgium made anti-fuss/anti-abrasion armour and added some neat features such as our oversized jumbo loop ends and black end indicators. These safe recovery extension ropes are completely safe to use in kinetic recovery situations.


  • NZ designed and handmade
  • Snatch/kinetic recovery safe
  • No steel = No danger. Only light and soft rope is used in these ropes
  • Sheath protectors on the loop ends
  • 3m black indicators on both loop end
  • Jumbo 200mm diameter loop ends

The loop ends will work as a safe connection to any rope loop, steel shackle, bullbar, rated recovery point, winch timble/hook or generally any standard connection.

4WD uses for extension ropes:

  • Winch line extension - Allowing you to run a shorter line or reach those far trees
  • Emergency rope backup - When you snapped a rope
  • Rated snatch rope extension
  • Equaliser Strap
  • Emergency tow rope

Other uses:

  • Rated for lifting and rigging
  • Boat line, moorings & beached recovery
  • Arboriculture and tree falling
  • Industrial uses of all types

All our ropes are designed in New Zealand and handmade to assure premium quality and reliability.