Explorey - Eagle-lock 135,000KG Soft Shackle {32MM}

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The Explorey "Eagle-Lock" Soft-Shackles are our industrial shackle range. Made for situations where extreme strength and reliability are required.

Eagle-lock shackles are over-engineered to give superior strength. We took our tried and tested "Jailor" shackle, designed with double run lines and an oversized diamond VI knot. We then braided a thin polyester jacket sleeve onto the high wear areas for better abrasion resistance, coated it with fibre lock and made these shackles from lines over 20mm in diameter. All our ropes are pre-coated in our Belgium Snake-Glaze oil which makes them UV-resistant and anti-fuzzing when chaffed.

They are strong, reliable and safe. 

Our Eagle-Lock shackles:

  • Will not rust
  • Handle the most demanding situations
  • Are safe to use in all kinetic and static situations
  • Affordable and durable
  • Do not require gloves or special equipment when used
  • Replace clevis and steel shackles
  • Used for towing, recoveries, pulling & connections
Rated 135ton
Rope 32mm strands
Protection Braided Sheath


Designed for use with tractors, military machinery, combines, bulldozers, skidders, payloaders and mining equipment. For the recreational user, the benchmark vehicle would be a Unimog or larger. The overall diameter of the shackles will not always fit in recreational recovery rope loops. For liability reasons, we do not approve use for vertical lifting or accept liability for use.

Termination rated to 135,000kg (297,600lbs)