EK Cobra RX Adder Multi-Shot Crossbow: 130lbs

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The world's first tactical repeating crossbow, developed by the team at EK Archery. Based on the popular EK Archery Cobra RX Crossbow, the EK Archery Adder brings something entirely new to the table with a top-loading 5 arrow magazine, allowing for quick and easy follow up shots. 

Please note this is not a semi automatic but operates as a lever action would (it loads and cocks itself with one manual lever pull per shot)

The crossbow has a draw weight of 130lbs for great accuracy and range. 

The rifle style crossbow comes with an adjustable AR-style stock that ensures easy shouldering and a comfortable shooting position, new to the world of crossbow shooters.

• Picatinny rail
• Red dot sight
• Foregrip
• Detachable sling mount
• AR-style stock
• Top-loading 5 arrow magazine.

• Draw Weight: 130lb
• Velocity: 270fps
• Power Stroke: 7½"
• Overall Length: 21.5"
• Weight: 5.2lb.

Included in box:
• 5 x 7.5" carbon bolts
• 1 x string wax
• 1 x shoulder sling
• 1 x shoulder stock with buffer tube
• 1 x aluminium red dot sight
• 1 x foregrip
• 1 x safety glasses
• 1 x restringer
• 1 x replacement string
• 1 x set of replacement limb tips.

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