Ek Archery Research - Jag 1 Crossbow with Red Dot Sight (175LB)

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The Jaguar relates to its name showing power, stealthiness and a deadly accurate shot each time. Having an aluminium/polymer build the jaguar is very robust and can withstand mild impacts. The stock with cheek piece ensures comfortable shooting and reduces user fatigue. Requiring only 175 lbs to draw the crossbow, it can be used by a variety of age groups and it's a great entry-level model. 

Measuring 27" in width and 35" in length, the crossbow is compact and therefore easy to transport. When shot it is capable of shooting up to 220 FPS, making it ideal for target shooting. It also features excellent operational balance which was achieved by designing to ergonomic operations.  

- Speed: 220 FPS
- Draw weight: 175 lbs
- Power stroke: 10"
- Mass weight (bow only): 5.7 lbs
- Width: 27"
- Length: 35"
Accessories included:
- 3-Dot red dot sight 
- Cocking rope
- Shoulder sling
- 3-bolt quiver
- 3 x 16" aluminium bolts
- String wax
- Goggles

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