Ek Archery Research - Crossbow Aluminum Cobra (80LB) OAK

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EK Archery Cobra 80lb Aluminium Self Cocking Crossbow (It's the same model as the Armex Tomcat MK2)

This is our favourite pistol crossbow and our customer favourite.
Unlike the some of the other models, this crossbow has an easy to use self cocking handle, this makes it much easier to pull the string back.

The body of this crossbow is aluminium and it has a high-quality wood effect plastic grip.

It features a 20mm weaver rail, ideal for fitting our red dot sight on.

This crossbow has a very easy to use safety mechanism.

We recommend the rail / string wax, it will make using the crossbow approximately 25% easier to use and usually triple the string life.

A stringer will make stringing this far easier.


The average bolt speed:
180 FPS (123 MPH) with aluminium bolts 
190 FPS (130 MPH) with ABS (plastic) bolts.

In the box:
80lb Self Cocking Crossbow (Aluminium)
3x Aluminium (Metal) Bolts
String with End Caps
Fiberglass Limb

Weight: 2.64lbs / 1.2kg
Length: 19 inches / 48cm
String length: 17 inches / 43cm
Axle to axle: 17 inches / 43cm
Limb: Fiberglass
Body: Aluminium

Safety information:
• You should always wear safety glasses when using crossbows.
• Never point a crossbow at any animal or human, even if it's uncocked or unloaded.
• Only cock the string and load your crossbow bolt when you're in a safe and suitable position and ready to shoot.

Bolts for the Mini Crossbow
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Alloy Click Here

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