Silky - Zubat Professional Curved Hand Saw

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Large Teeth - Professional - 270mm or 330mm blade length

Best-selling professional, heavy-duty, curved-blade hand saw suitable for all pruning tasks and cutting large branches. It has a great combination of high performance blade with a comfortable and durable sure-grip rubber handle that really sticks in your hands. The curved blade saws faster and with more aggression than the straight blade. While working above shoulder height and below the knees, you can still saw on top of the branch without any extra effort, while your arm, wrist and hand remain in their natural position. Furthermore, you can easily feel when the end of the saw cut is reached. This makes your work more efficient, even in the most difficult circumstances. The ‘Revolver’ grip/handle offers a perfect angle between saw and wrist while sawing. Sawing then requires less effort and less vibrations are created.

The preferred blade length is dependent on the diameter of the wood. As a rule of thumb the blade should at least be 2 x bigger than the diameter of the to be sawn material


Product Features

  • 7.5 teeth per 30mm (6.4 teeth per inch)
  • Electroless Nickel plated, taper ground blade
  • Electrical induction hardened teeth
  • Low effort triple edge, non-set tooth design
  • Ultra-strong one piece construction with a non-slip molded rubber handle that really sticks in your hands
  • Heavy duty, durable and specially designed pivoting sheath for the curved blade with a detachable belt holder included
  • Exceptional strength and balance
  • Superior finish quality
  • Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty