Cold Steel - Cheap Shot Wreaking Ball Blunts! (125GR)

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Extremely affordable blunts!

The Wrecking Balls' aerodynamic shape adapts to any arrow weight, length or spine for field point accuracy you can depend on. Thanks to its innovative design and construction, the Wrecking Ball delivers heavy weight knock out power to quickly and humanely dispatch small game fast.

Breath life into old arrows. Every hunter has a collection of much-used second and third tier arrows. Now you can put them to good use on small game.

Why the Wrecking Ball?

  • It's made from space-age polymer. Developed specifically as a substitute for steel but considerably lighter and cheaper.
  • It's weatherproof. Unlike many other blunts, the Wrecking Ball will never rust or corrode. It's always ready no matter the weather.
  • It's cheap. We have all mourned the loss of an expensive blunt tip head when it gets damaged. Thanks to the Cheap Shot™ Wrecking Ball, you can screw in a new one for a couple of dollars.


** Cost is per Blunt ***