Canterbury Biltong

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Biltong in Afrikaans means ‘meat or rump’ and ‘strip’. Originally from South Africa, biltong, similar to beef jerky, is a snack food that is made from cured and dried slices of meat, using salt, vinegar, and spices. When Dutch settlers arrived in South Africa, they were looking for ways to preserve their fresh meat in the hot conditions for future eating. Biltong can also be added to your favourite dishes where you can replace jerky beef, salami or other smoked meats. Do your flavour a favour and buy biltong NZ today.


We know you love your beef jerky NZ, but once people try Canterbury Biltong, they never go back to regular jerky! While biltong is similar to jerky beef as they are both dried meat snacks, biltong is made using different production methods, ingredients, and flavours, so even the best beef jerky doesn’t taste the same as biltong. High in protein, iron, and low carb, biltong is also rich in other essential nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and a range of B vitamins; and because it is air-dried all those minerals, vitamins, and proteins are locked in, so you don’t miss out. Before you next buy jerky NZ, try biltong, and discover a satisfyingly meaty snack full of nutrients.