Mathews - Archery Arrow Quiver

Regular price $69.00

The Quiver size: 51 x 33cm / 20 x 13"

This quiver is made of durable tear resistant and water resistant reinforced oxford cloth, and it also has a large storage pocket with a high quality zipper for your arm guards, arrow levers, and other archery accessories.

The 4 plastic tubes help to organize the arrows individually and can hold 30-40 arrows.

Small pockets can hold gadgets, keys, etc. Large pocket holds phone, wallet, finger protector, arm guard and wrench.

This quiver can be carried over the shoulder or attached to an adjustable waist belt and can be placed comfortably around the waist to suit your personal preference; our recurve quiver comes with a secure nylon waist belt that is adjustable.

The quiver is suitable for both Left handed and right handed archers. This quiver has a durable yet lightweight frame to comfortably sit on your waist while walking or aiming.