Acebeam - P15-Tactical (1,700 lumens)

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A Professional Rail-Mounted Tactical Light. M-Lock & Picatinny Compatible. Innovative rail mount/charging/remote switch install system, Multi-function unique tail tube: Quick-Function-Switch, tactical ring. Simple remove the mount, install the clip for a EDC light, which can quickly switch between tactical light or an EDC.


Ultra-Low: 2 Lumens; 35 days

Low: 45 lumens; 400cd; 40 meters; 37 hours
Mid: 200 lumens; 3,600cd; 120 meters; 8.5 hours 
High: 600 lumens; 10,000cd; 200 meters; 2 hours 45 minutes
Turbo: 1,700 lumens; 27,225cd; 330 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes
Strobe: 1,200 lumens; 

Max. output 1,700 lumens
Max. beam distance: 330 meters (1,082feet)
Max. runtime: 840hours (35days)
Peak beam intensity: 27,225cd

Size: 130.7mm (Length) x 25.4mm (Head Diameter) x 23mm (Tube Diameter)

Flashlight's Weight: 98.8g(3.48oz.) w/o battery; 151.5g(5.34oz.) w/battery


The Acebeam P15 is sold in two configurations, as an EDC light and as a tactical rail-mounted light. The P15 Tactical Light directly addresses this challenge – moving between a back clip with removal or addition of two screws to Picatinny and MLOK mounting options. 

CNC precision-crafted from 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy 
Stronger and more durable than 6061 aluminum
Innovative rail mount/charging/remote switch install system, avoid frequent disassembly.
Multi-function unique tail tube: disassembly-free charging, Quick-Function-Switch, tactical ring.
Specially customized 18650 rechargeable lithium battery(included), which is positive and negative in same pole.
1.5A fast charging directly, full charge only 2.5 hours.
Up to 1,700 lumens, long-range beam up to 330 meters (using flat LED, most efficient and long-range beam in same size light).
Using threads to conduct; positive and negative in same pole battery design with single barrel body to ensure that the integration of switching and signal function for the tail and to enforce reliability and durability.
The strong pocket clip makes the P15 even more convenient for carrying in a pocket, the backpack, or the MOLLE System.
The tactical remote switch is easily side-mounted, no need to unscrew the tail cap for installing or disassembling, and also can be locked for reinforcement to prevent falling off.
Multi-functional and convenient modular interface: physical connection charging, Quick-Function-Switch, and remote tail switch control easily.
Compatible with Tactical Ring (Optional) for offering more convenient carrying and flexible operating ways.
High efficiency constant current circuit, circuit efficiency up to 95%, hardened dual AR coated lens, light transmittance up to 99%.
Made of high strength aluminum alloy, premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.
IPX68 waterproof (2 meters underwater) and designed for use in heavy rain.
Impact-resistant of 1.5 meters, can survive accidental drops.

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