15.6Ah Removable Lithium Battery for Fridge/Freezers with Battery Support

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Running a fridge from solar power requires a storage battery to keep your food cold during those shady moments. This lithium battery is lightweight, yet powerful. It is designed to fit directly inside your Rovin/Brass Monkey fridge and simply snaps into place.

Colour : Grey
Length : 130mm
Width : 90mm
Height : 75mm
Weight : 1.1kg
DG UN Number : 3480
DG Ship Name : 3480 - Lithium Ion Batteries
DG Class : 9
DG Pack Group : II - Medium Danger
DG Hazardous Chemical Code : 4W
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 196.56Wh
Packaged Volume : 2.29l
Packaged Weight : 1.14kg
Packaged Length : 15.9cm
Packaged Width : 12.4cm
Packaged Height : 11.6cm