Nemo Vortex Pump Sack

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Ultralight High-Capacity Pump Sack

Filling your air pad just got a lot faster and easier with the new Vortex™ high-capacity pump sack.
This smartly designed pump sack features a massive chamber that fills with ease, a stay-open collar
for hassle-free inflation, and durable ultralight PU polyester that rolls up without adding bulk. Vortex™
fills a regular air pad completely with 2-3 fills and greatly reduces the amount of moisture that enters the pad.

Large capacity chamber fills easily with a light breath Reinforced stay-open collar folds over to lock in
air for quick transfer to your pad Seamlessly connects to Laylow multi-valve for precise and rapid inflation

Durable 20D fabric is laminated and embossed with welded seams to enhance strength

Rolls up to the size of a Sharpie marker



Minimum weight: 60g

Packed size: 19 c 4.5 x 1.5cm

Dimensions: 45 x 76cm