Ridgeline - Classic Workmans Tee (Olive Green - Non-zip pocket)

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The ultimate, multi-purpose fleece shirt

Created from Ridgeland’s famous black freezing works woollen singlet, the Ridgeline Classic Workmans T-Shirt is the ultimate all-round fleece tee. This shirt doesn’t retain moisture but allows it to evaporate, keeping you dry and comfortable. The tiny 300gsm fleece fibres in the southern star 300 fabric create multiple air cells which trap warmth inside, providing excellent protection against the most extreme outdoor conditions. Wear the Ridgeline Classic Workmans T-Shirt under your jacket or as casual everyday wear.

Ridgeline Classic Workmans T-Shirt Features:

  • Excellent all-round fleece tee
  • Doesn’t retain moisture
  • Colour: Olive
  • Size: 3XL
  • Non-zip pocket