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Live Capture Cage Trap Possum & Pest

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The Outdoor Outfitters Trap Cages are built tough and designed to handle the rigors of bush and rural trapping - so whether it's just basic residential use, or professional use, these cages will handle the task! 

Perfect for the capture of:

-  Possums
-  Ferrets
-  Stoats
-  Feral Cats
-  Rabbits
-  Hedgehogs
-  Rats
-  Larger Birds

This is a fixed cage trap, no assembly required - super simple to set up and use and folds flat after use for easy storage.

And of course, it comes with a 3 Month Warranty.

Technical Specs:
Large size - 660 x265 x 240mm
Weighs approximately 3kg
Construction: Steel with Zinc coasting

Instruction for use:
1.Simply place the appropriate bait at the end of the trap.
2.Animals entering the trap stand on the trip mechanism, closing the door behind them.
3.Small mesh size, along with a strong door locking system, prevents escape of the trapped animal.