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Little Beauties Dried Feijoa With White Chocolate

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Little Beauties Dried Feijoa With White Chocolate

Little Beauties Dried Feijoa With White ChocolateThe feijoa (pronounced FEE-jo-ah in New Zealand) is one of our countries best kept secrets. It’s a deliciously sweet, aromatic fruit that flourishes in our unique climate. At Little Beauties we hand pick the biggest feijoas every autumn and air dry the cut fruit, sealing in feijoa goodness. Paired with white choc these Little Beauties are a slice of feijoa heaven all year round!

Nutritional information
Contains: Milk and Soy. 
Made in New Zealand from local ingredients. Servings Per Pack: 2.4. Serving Size: 25 g. Ingredients: Dried feijoa slices, Chocolate (Sugar, vegetable fat, milk solids, emulsifiers (soylecithin, 492). All values are average unless otherwise specified. Keep in an airtight container. Store in a cool dry place. 


Avg Quantity
per serving

Avg Quantity
per 100 g


368 kJ

1470 kJ


88.4 Cal

353 Cal


0.8 g

3.4 g

Fat, total

2.9 g

11.5 g

  - saturated

2.5 g

9.8 g


13.1 g

52.2 g

   - sugars

12.7 g

50.9 g

Dietary Fibre

3.4 mg

13.5 mg


7.0 mg

28.0 mg


Made by Rivington Fruit Ltd, 322 Main Road, Wakapuaka, RD1, Nelson, New Zealand