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Kannad Marine Personal Locater Beacon – Safelink Solo with built in GPS

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Kannad Marine PLB – Safelink Solo with built in GPS

Kannad's personal Safelink Solo beacon, this ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) is the smallest and most compact of the positioning beacons on the market (without MMSI registration)
111 x 50 x 35 mm and 165 g - With its built-in GPS 50 channels, upon activation the beacon will transmit from anywhere in the world and refresh your position every 20 minutes on the frequency of rescue (band 406MHZ).
The PLB Safelink Solo GPS Safety Beacon will guide searchers by transmitting signals in the 121 MHz band (121.5 Mhz distress frequency)
Finally you can trigger bright SOS signals to guide the rescuers to you.
The Safelink Solo PLB fits easily in the pocket of a quarter jacket or lifejacket and offers a perfect grip. It is suitable for land, aeronautical and marine use.
Once activated, it will transmit 2 distress signals simultaneously : - One to the international Cospas Sarsat satellite search and rescue system on the 406 MHz frequency, allowing the location and identification of the carrier around the world 24/7 thanks to the unique identifier of the beacon. 50 channels complete the 406 MHz link by transmitting the GPS position of the person in distress for an even more precise and fast location. The GPS receiver allows an almost immediate alert (3 minutes) and a very high position accuracy (about 50 m) which is re-updated every 20 minutes to integrate the drift. - The other on the 121.5 MHz radio-guiding frequency, making it possible to refine the exact position by homing (also called triangulation or cross-search) and to speed up the recovery process in the final phase of the research operations on the place of distress
Comes with a floating cover, universal protective pouch in soft nylon and strap. PLB Beacons have serialized programming by default.

At the time of purchase, you will need to register your beacon with the relevant authorities of the country corresponding to the serialized coding.