Explorey - Mega Tanka V2 - 11,200KG Snatch Rope {22mm x 6m}

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The Explorey TANKA V2 recovery rope is a similar rope to the original Tanka with the added Nylon-66 protector sleeve over the entire rope with a polymer dipped loop end. This protector sleeve allows for significantly more abrasion and stops sand, grit and UV damage getting into the underlying strands, letting you do more of what you do best! The downside is less elongation. The sleeve reduces the stretch of this rope by 17%, giving a large but modest total 30% elongation. More emphasis needs to be on getting the correct sized rope for the weight of your vehicle if you want an even and consistent recovery. 

With that said, the TANKA V2 kills it out there! This is the perfect 4x4, heavy truck & agriculture kinetic recovery in bogged down situations for the soldier who hammers his gear. These ropes are heavier, stronger and can move a tank. 

* Ideal for large 4x4s, trucks, UTVs, ATVs, commercial use and vehicle towing
* Water, UV, heat, electrical and abrasion resistance
* High breaking strength
* Made to military standards 
* Will last a lifetime when properly cared for
* A safe low-stress recovery rope when used properly

For safety we recommend:

  1. Using The Explorey rated soft-shackles on all kinetic and static rope connection ends
  2. Using the Infinite Rule hitch lock for a rated tow bar recovery point and safe towing point
  3. To never attach the rope to an unrated single or double bolted recovery point. Look for a solid chassis multi-bolted point like a bullbar, towbar (never a tow-ball) or solid axle. Use multiple attachments points evenly distributed on highly loaded pulls.
  4. For added safety on loaded pulls use a line damper and stand clear. If you manage to snap our recovery ropes they will generally fall to the ground with a minimal snapback. But still, keep your distance. We have never had a reported injury or vehicle damaged from any of our recovery ropes.