Explorey - Dozer - 61,000KG Kinetic Recovery Rope {60mm x 10m}

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The Explorey "Dozer" (short for bulldozer) ropes are made for ultra heavy-duty (HD) recoveries, pulling and towing. Designed with huge termination ratings, over-engineered protection and the ultimate in safety features. Safe to use in virtually all situations where kinetic power is required.

We've made them with a doubled braided nylon outer protection sheath which produces up to 30% kinetic stretch. We reinforced the high-wear eye loops by coating a military-grade polymer on the loops. These ropes are UV resistant, abrasive resistant (anti-fuzz) and virtually waterproof. The safest way of connecting a Dozer rope with our Eagle-Lock soft-shackles.

With Dozer Ropes, you can safely load up bogged utility vehicles with speed runs to "nudge" until they freely move. You can connect multiple Dozer ropes to get more length or safely tow vehicles without point loading or the "jolting" of a static rope.

Dozer Ropes are:

  • Made for Heavy Duty Industrial vehicle
  • Used for Kinetic recoveries and static towing
  • Safe to use, light and extremely durable
  • Easy to pack away and lift by hand

Length 10M/32ft
Rated 61ton
Elongation Up to 30%
Protection Full body sheath
Loop Eyes Polymer dipped


Made for military vehicles, bulldozers, diggers, extreme utility vehicles, front end loaders, combines, mining vehicles, tractors etc. For the ultimate safety link only with Eagle-Lock soft-shackles and connect to-rated recovery points. Designed in New Zealand specifically for the needs of kiwis and our unique requirments.

Termiantion 61,000kg (134,000lbs)