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Emergency Locator Beacon **HIRE**AVAILABLE**

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Emergency Locator Beacon Hire

To book in advance or check availability:
Call: 021 063 4450 
Or call in store 53 Quarantine Road, Annesbrook, Nelson.

Hire fees:
$30 for up to 7 days
Then $2 per day after that.
Weekend hire:
Friday afternoon to Monday morning - $20

Feel free to print out the form(second photo) and complete it before coming in store.

This personal locator beacon (PLB) can help save your life in an emergency, by directing a professional rescue team to you within hours thus eliminating lengthy Search & Rescue operations which place other peoples’ lives at risk.

Generally conventional Search & Rescue methods take much longer and may or may not lead to the successful recovery of the person.

Increase your chances of being rescued. For a nominal hire cost the beacons will provide peace of mind for users and their families and will increase the chances of a successful rescue in an emergency situation.

The Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is small enough not to be a hindrance, it floats and is water proof to one metre and built tough to with stand NZ tramping conditions.

The PLB pouch can strap to your belt or pack and in the event of an emergency is easily activated by the user.

The transmitted signal contains the GPS co-ordinates which are re-transmitted by COSPAS-SARSAT satellites to the nearest Local User Terminal (LUT) then to Wellington Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCC).The beacon transmits on 406 mHz to the satellite and on 121.5 mHz for local DF tracking.

If the beacon has not been returned by the user on or before the “panic date”, the trust will attempt to contact the user or their family to confirm if they are indeed overdue.

If the beacon is activated or the user is overdue, Search & Rescue is notified.

Search Helicopters can be fitted with Direction Finding equipment (DF) capable of locating the beacon if it has been activated.

The batteries in these beacons provide power for 24 hours when activated and cost $400 to replace. The shelf life unactivated is about five years. As we own about 40 of these we need to build up a fund to ensure that battery replacement can be done as required.