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Ek Archery Compound Bow Buster Set: 15-29 lb

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Ek Archery Compound Bow Buster Set: 15-29 lb

The Buster compound bow from EK Archery is a small and compact junior bow which is simple and easy to use making it a perfect starter bow. The riser is made from a lightweight alloy which features mounting points for the included quiver, as well as the brass sight and rubber arrow rest.

The limbs have been crafted from a unique and super strong fiberglass which can be configured for a draw weight between 15 - 29 lbs, and a draw length between 17" - 26" to accommodate all frame sizes and strengths.

Items Included:

• Bow
• Horn Rubber Rest
• 1 Pin Brass Sight
• 4 pcs Arrow Quiver
• Finger Rollers
• Armguard
• 2 x 26" Fiberglass Arrows