Doite - Proventure sleeping bag

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Doite Proventure Sleeping Bag

Make sure you have a good rest away from the cold and humidity with the Proventure 3308 Doite Sleeping Bag, an ideal item for backpackers due to its wide range of protection.

Among the features of the Sleeping Bag Proventure 3308 Doite highlights its trapeze shape, which increases the comfort of the camper and its filling, put in layers, which conserves the temperature more efficiently.

The Proventure model offers a wide range of protection ranging from -7 ° to 12 °, making it perfect for trips to places with intermediate and low temperatures. The sleeping bag is accompanied by a bag to store it. Among the benefits of Sleeping Bag Proventure highlights the fact that it is a high quality object, easily transportable thanks to its reduced weight and accessories and highly comfortable thanks to its dimensions.

- Height 220 cm
- Upper width 80 cm
- Bottom width 50 cm
- Weight 2.2 kg
- Temperature range -7 ° to 12 °
- Length 220 cm 
- Stuffing material Poly 75D Ponge 230T - Includes Bag to store